Sunday, February 21, 2010


I remember seeing a teaser for this film sometime around Aug./Sept. of last year .....

For whatever reason they promised an October release date and ended up pushing it back to this month. Naturally this made me want to see it even more.

Sometimes you wait to see a movie, get all excited, and then become sorely disappointed when the film turns out to be a pile of shit. - This has been the case the last 5 times I've went to the theater. I'm very happy to report that SHUTTER ISLAND did no such thing and in fact exceeded my expectations.

Scorsese is one of my favorite directors. His films carry such a range and yet still hold his undeniable hallmark. For SHUTTER ISLAND Scorsese seemed to channel Alfred Hitchcock for a beautiful film noir setting. Atmosphere, lighting, and editing where all pitch perfect to the time line that was being depicted.

In fact all these efforts where almost too effective because the film stays with you long after the credits roll by.

Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor, who seldom gets the credit he deserves. Somehow people still think of him as a teen heartthrob - despite that fact he was doing films like WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE and THE BASKETBALL DAIRIES in his early 20's.

Scorsese brings out the absolute best in DiCaprio and this film really showcases their working relationship. DiCaprio often reminds me of a young Jack Nicholson and SHUTTER ISLAND completely solidified that assessment. DiCaprio's performance is truly heartbreaking in the film.

Mark Ruffalo is someone I always want to see more of. He can be in some pretty lame movies but when he gets a shot at real film ... he never ceases to amaze.

Ted Levine and Jackie Earle Haley also had intriguing roles and where even a little hard to point out at first.

Am I not telling enough about the story? Good. SHUTTER ISLAND is best if you don't know that much going in.

It's haunting and will linger in your mind ... and you'll probably want to see it more than once.

That's all you need to know.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day 2010

Hello SCARS readers!

I've been keeping myself super busy (as usual) and it's nice to take a little break and update everyone for a change!

The BIGGEST news is that my website has finally launched!

This is a soft launch and we'll be adding much more in the coming weeks ... but right now you can sign up for FREE and see what I've been working on :)

Next piece of news is that I've been cast in a new movie! YAY!

I'll be getting all goreified for Kristoff Bates in AFTER PARTY MASSACRE at the end of this month ... so keep your eyes posted to this spot for more information!


THE WOLFMAN is not so good ... in fact I think it sucked big time :(
I've posted a review (via Jessie Seitz) on the Gothic Beauty website.

SHUTTER ISLAND better fucking rock my world.


Happy V-Day lovers!


Monday, January 18, 2010

DAYBREAKERS ... so much for my first horror movie of 2010.

I don't like posting bad reviews.

Generally if I don't like something, I try to just move on and not give it anymore thought. I like to save my energy and time for something that's worth writing about.

But DAYBREAKERS really pissed me off.

In stats off just fine. Vampire teen offs herself by staying out in the sun, everyone goes to work/school at night, and humans are used as cattle. So we've established this isn't TWILIGHT. Ethan Hawke takes up the lead as Edward Dalton, a hematologist, who trying to find a blood substitute. The humans are dying out and because the vampires didn't think ahead far enough to save a few back. Now the vampires are changing into crazy bat creatures because they aren't ingesting enough blood.

And this my friends is where it starts to fall apart.

Ethan Hawke is adorable as a vampire and all ... but he's just not a strong enough actor to carry the rest of the cast's pathetic attempts. Sam Neil starts strong but ends his performance in cringe worthy overacting. Claudia Karvan's performance barley registers on screen and Willem Dafoe ... WHAT THE FUCK? I didn't think Dafoe was capable of such horrid acting ... but there it was, up on the big screen, in all it's glory. I think he actually made the movie worse. I felt embarrassed for him.

The script was just all over the place and I ended up not giving a shit about any of the characters. Even the few cool gore scenes in movie couldn't save it.

Even the music score seemed really off .... and why the hell was Hawke doing some sort of half ass narration at the end?

The greatest injustice is that I think there might have been a good movie in there. Somewhere. But lord knows who got a hold of what and trashed it. *sigh* I've grown real tired of half baked horror films. I was so excited to see something that wasn't a remake ... and then so terribly disappointed when it seemed slapped together.

So that's my two cents ... bad script, bad acting, bad editing, and really mismatched music.

Someday a new horror film will come along and sweep my off my feet. Till that day I'm gonna watch ye old copy of TOOLBOX MURDERS and pretend I'm Able Ferrara's girlfriend.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dear 2010 Horror

Dear Horror films of 2010,

Please, please be good. I know you have it in you!

Let's see some vomit educing gore, REAL FX, and kick ass locations.

I would LOVE IT if you laid off the fruity vampires ... just a little. Maybe start by NOT having them sparkle like glow worms.

Also it would make me less nauseous if you stopped calling your 5 million dollar film an "indie" flick.

I'd like to see more werewolves. However, I'd prefer said werewolves to not be c.g.i. blobs of goo.

Speaking of c.g.i. blobs of goo ... if you have to remake something can please try and not fuck it up?

Oh and you know when I really want to watch horror films? IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER. There's this holiday called HALLOWEEN thats observed on the 31st of that month.

Make us proud!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why the movie SCREAM worked

Horror movies and teenagers go together like chocolate and milk.

There are several contributing factors to why this is a match made in hell ... but the bottom line is this: Teenagers have the most expendable income. There's really no sense it bitching about either. You where once a teenager who watched movies marketed to your teenage self.

Don't hate.

Unfortunately, starting with my generation, censorship and paranoia among parents got really out of hand. (Thanks Tipper!) People started protesting the very thing they grew up watching and this has made it harder for anyone under 17 to see an "R" rated film.

So studios feel they are more less forced into releasing PG-13 bullshit. I know the rating makes the adults roll there eyes and NOT want to go see the movie but let's face it ...we are not the ones with a $100 + a week allowance. When your casting that hot new WB actor and your soundtrack is filled with top 20 rock hits ... your gonna make damn sure that your target audience (that has the most money to blow) is able to see the film.

It's just good business sense right?

How quick studios are to forget past formulas that worked ...

13 years ago, Wes Craven (master of the teenage horror film) put out a little movie called SCREAM. Now this is smack dab in the middle of the 90's A.K.A. the Tipper "fuck face" decade. Mainstream horror films had been teetering at the box office. Most people seemed more interested in Richard Gere and his awkward "romantic" stories.

Craven was not snowed by any of this and busted out a RATED R horror film geared towards teenagers. -Or perhaps a better phrasing would be ... the inner teenager. Just a closer look at SCREAM reveals Craven's well crafted plan to attract his original teenage audience. (Which by the time SCREAM was shot, was well into adulthood.) Sure the movies takes place in high school but the cast was made up of actors way past their teenage years. The movie had the rock n roll soundtrack but it featured artists like Nick Cave. In fact the whole movie reeked of 92' despite it coming out in 96'.

There in lies the key ... to make a truly successful horror movie, you must appeal to the inner teenage self of the generation that just got DONE with being teenagers. You have to make adults spend their money like teenagers. Get them excited about something and then make it GOOD. Trust me the current teenager will find a way to get into the "R" horror film. If there's enough hype, they will come ... in masses. In an 13-16 year olds eyes the R rating is even better because it's forbidden.

There goes that PG-13 theory.



Sunday, November 15, 2009


Greetings Scars fans!

This past week I had the pleasure of watching SAW VI with my dear friend Jason Christ.

To be fair I don't really consider the SAW movies to be horror films. Instead they fall under this weird grouping of dramas that are terror driven. Nothing super natural, just extreme things that could happen in real life.

But I understand thats like splitting hairs ... so we'll just roll with it.

The SAW franchise has been a favorite of mine throughout this past decade. In a time when we saw (and are still seeing) A lot of fucking remakes, it was nice to have something with an original story. - Yes I know it's not 100% original but it's something that's NOT frame for frame been made before.

SAW was clever ... and I truly didn't see the ending coming. Plus it has Cary Elwes from PRINCESS BRIDE! Neat!

SAW II The story really started to develop in this one and I really got hooked into the characters.Donnie Wahlberg did an especially amazing job. This movie also really shot Shawnee Smith up the chain!

SAW III This third installment is so damn gross, I still want to vomit when that pig scene comes on! I think this one is my favorite thus far ...

SAW IV In a really bold move they kill off almost everyone who's been a main player in the first three movies. The plot starts to thicken and get a little confusing. I think fans start to really wonder how they're gonna pull more off but left curious over the identity of Jigsaw's new disciple.

SAW V This is by far the weakest of the series and really plays out more like a transitional piece. But that fucking twist at the end! Costas Mandylor! Jesus that was amazing.

SAW VI So here we are ... it's 2009 and 6 gruesome films in. I wasn't sure what to expect and curious to see had they tie everything together. I was not disappointed! Brutal traps, more insight into Jigsaw's wife, got to see what was in that damn box, AND they left it open for a 7th ... naturally.

I really can't think of any series thats held up like SAW has. I'm really looking forward to the next one but I do hope they stop making them before that get bad. -but I've been saying that since the second one! I guess as long as it keeps making money, they will keep putting them out.

Then it will be time for the remake :P


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick r' Treat *review*

This October has been a weird one for me .....

It's my favorite time of year (bet ya couldn't guess that one!) and I'm normally participating in every little thing the holiday has to offer. 2009 however, has been way more productive than usual. Everything has been going great and moving really fast ... but that also means the work load has been upped by about 100%. So things like putting out Halloween decorations and going to haunted houses have been put aside this October.

So here I am in the mid-west, a place made for fall, surrounded by pretty orange and yellow leaves and NOT feeling Halloween. Or at least that's how I was until I watched Trick 'r Treat.

Hands down this is simply one of the best Halloween movies I've ever seen. It's the tradition of Creepshow but has it's own original story. The child actors in are particularly good and seemed to really be into it! Then you have the over all look of the film .... which is absolutely stunning and feel like a story book. Trick 'r Treat pulled me right back into the Halloween spirit and reminded
me why I love this time of year. I felt like I was 5 years old again .... so scarred that something was
under my bed but secretly hoping whatever it was, it would take me with it.

Trick 'r Treat is really one of those movies that becomes an instant classic in your home. I plan on watching it
again tomorrow night, while I pass out candy to the little trick or treaters.

I hope all of you have a fantastic Halloween .... and if your feeling a bit pessimistic, watch your
old favorite horror film.